We are making a film

About the project "Saratov - the Open City" the participants of the circle "Young Journalist" of the Eastern European Lyceum learned from the story of the director of the Festival Center, editor-in-chief of the Nizhnevolzhsky newsreel studio Tatyana Viktorovna Zorina, with whom we had a meeting at one of the January classes of the circle.

The task of the Project - the creation of a large site with hundreds of video stories about interesting places and people of Saratov by the Saratovites themselves and people who love our city - interested and inspired young journalists. After discussing everything, the circles decided to create several video excursions for the site "Saratov - an open city". The first to do it took girlfriends-sixth graders Varya Nikulin and Masha Korovin. They began to make a film about the Spiritual Church, the parishioners of which are the Varina family. Varya acts as a screenwriter and director, and Masha is shooting as an operator.

We are very grateful for the help in preparing the material for the rector of the Temple, Archpriest Sergiy Dogadin and Archpriest Sergiy Xenofontov for taking part in the shootings and an amazing excursion to the bell tower of the Temple.

Natalya Degtyareva,

head of the circle "Young Journalist"

East European lyceum of the city of Saratov

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Project presentation at Gymnasia №3

On February 7, in the gymnasium №3 (with in-depth study of foreign languages) a presentation of the project "Saratov - an open city" was held.

Project coordinators Valeria Ogurtsova and Denis Afanasyev told students of the ninth grade about the project, about its tasks and objectives. And also invited all interested to participate in it. At the end of the meeting, the boys were shown a documentary by David Ibrahimov "Who gets up early" in 1969.

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Civic forum participation

December 8, 2017 with the Saratov State Law Academy completed its work "Civil Forum - 2017". The forum was attended by representatives of the NGO community Saratov region, members of the Public Chamber of the region, members of the regional government and various ministries, invited guests from the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

On the site "Presentation of the projects of non-governmental non-profit organizations of the Saratov region - winners of the contest of presidential grants of 2017" 15 projects were presented - winners from 50 on the results of two competitions in 2017. The project "Saratov - an open city" was presented by its head - Tatyana Zorina. She talked about the goals and objectives of the project, invited all interested to participate in it and shared plans for further development of the site.

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Life world of a person

November 17 at the Sociological Faculty of the Saratov National Research University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky was an international scientific and practical conference "The Life of the Personality: Research Perspectives". The purpose of the meeting was a comprehensive analysis of the theoretical and methodological foundations of an interdisciplinary study of the individual and her life world, including the integration of interdisciplinary experience in the study of the individual's life, the identification of life strategies in the context of modern challenges, the problematization of vectors and markers of the formation and development of personality.

The report on the problem of the vital world of the individual in documentary films was presented by the editor-in-chief of the Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio, the head of the Saratov-open city project, the director of the International Telekinofestival of the documentary melodrama "Saratov Suffering" by Tatyana Zorina.

As a result of the event, a collection of articles will be published, which will include the reports of the conference participants.

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Saratov-open city press conference

November 1 in the Cinema House Autonomous non-profit organization "Cultural and educational" Festival Center "presented a sociocultural project" Saratov - an open city ", the financing of which will be financed by a presidential grant. The result of the work should be a site of tourist routes in Saratov with a rich video and photo materials. And create it will be the Saratovites themselves.

As the project manager, the editor-in-chief of the Nizhne-Volga newsreel studio and the permanent director of the documentary film festival "Saratov Suffering" Tatyana Zorina told, the main goal of the project is to return the Saratov to the map of the world, to make the city famous and recognizable.

- In Soviet times, Saratov was a closed city. It was felt everywhere, including in the media and on television. Especially I felt it when I began to go abroad and when organizing the first festival "Saratov Suffering". About Saratov in general no one heard. This resentment accumulated over the years, "she says. - With the help of this site we hope to find many friends around the world.

The site "Saratov - an open city", according to Tatyana Zorina, will become the basis of the project. Everyone will be able to participate in its filling - residents of the city who have something to tell, and professionals who have already participated with their works in the festival "Saratov Suffering".

For the site, several excursion routes will be developed, along which video clips will be photographed. All the resulting documentary films about Saratov will be published in the public domain, and visitors of the site will be offered to look for similar species and the same atmosphere in other cities. That's right, Tatiana Zorina is sure, those who will be interested in Saratov, who come here as a tourist, and maybe as an investor with a new project will be able to find them.

Before starting to fill in the site, the project organizers will hold seminars for all those interested in shooting short films, they will tell you by what principle they are created, how well-known directors worked on such stories.

During the presentation, Tatyana Zorina presented a sample, which the creators of the new film about Saratov will focus on - the first color documentary about the city, filmed in 1967.

The project is supported by the regional ministry of culture, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the German Center in Saratov, the Institute of Philology and Journalism of the SSU, the TV channel GTRK "Saratov", the regional methodical kinovideocenter.

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The Round Table Talk

October 27, within the framework of the All-Russian competition of socially significant projects, a round table was held on "Vectors for the realization of resources of elderly people in society."

It was organized by the Saratov Regional Public Foundation for Support of Civil Initiatives "Society and Law" with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and National Policy of the Saratov Region.

The "round table" was attended by Tatyana Zorina, the head of the project "Saratov - an open city".

During the discussion, participants noted the importance of effective interaction of government bodies, non-profit organizations, citizens' initiative groups and state institutions working in the social sphere with older people. The pooling of resources and practical experience of all sectors of civil society can facilitate more effective implementation of projects aimed at involving older people in an active social life.

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Festival press-conference

22 сентября, открывая фестивальную пресс-конференцию, директор "страданий" Татьяна Зорина еще раз возвратилась к концепции "Саратов-открытый город" и сказала, что в этом году на фестиваль было прислано рекордное число заявок - 1847 из 104 стран мира. Лучшие фильмы будут показаны в конкурсе. Кроме того, она выразила уверенность, что режиссер, приславшие фильмы на фестиваль примут участие в реализации интерактивного проекта "Саратов-открытый город" и снимут сюжеты и ролики о локациях в своих родных городах для размещения на сайте проекта.


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