Architecturally Saratov is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Recent archaeological studies have shown that, in addition, he -   one of the oldest historical centers of Europe. Moreover, even in our country it is often confused with Samara, and foreigners search for Saratov on the map on the principle of "near Stalingrad."

Autonomous non-profit organization "Festival Center" consistently conducts work on positioning of the native city in Russia and abroad as a space with a powerful intellectual and cultural potential. To this end, the Festival Center initiates an annual international television film festival of documentary melodrama "Saratov Suffering" (over 14 years it was attended by films and their creators from 64 countries and 37 cities of Russia), organizes special screenings of newsreels of Saratov and new films filmed by our fellow countrymen , conducts lectures and creative meetings on cinema with the involvement of specialists from Russia and from abroad, participates in competitions and festivals for the townspeople, offers training seminars for city residents on those we are culture.

The socio-cultural project "Saratov - an open city" assumes, using modern information technologies, to open in the new century a once closed city, that is, to give about it as much as possible actual information not only for Saratovites, but also for Russian and foreign tourists, as well as potential investors . The participants of the project will be residents of Saratov and cities of the world. It is suggested that after conducting the preliminary advertising and information campaign, to give an opportunity to everyone who wants to remove and assemble the stories and videos about Saratov, having previously obtained the necessary knowledge in the training seminar, lectures, video shows and master classes and the necessary shooting and editing techniques, and also to find using the Internet and in online communication with foreign participants, city locations in other cities of the world, similar to Saratov, and post all these materials on a specially created website. Thus, accumulate on one resource and open for general use the latest information from the history and modernity of one of the most beautiful Volga towns. In parallel with the creation of plots and videos, residents will visit special screenings of newsreels and films about Saratov and the Saratov region, about the products of local enterprises and firms and, ultimately, create a unique video history of the city, capable of adequately representing the world its modern look and potential.

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